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Stylish displays of food and drinks your employees will love

Offer the ultimate benefit
Pantry service in Albuquerque

Transform your break room

We partner with Albuquerque businesses to create pantry service that attracts and retains employees

Impress today’s employees with a great selection of food, snacks, and beverages in the break room that you give to them for free. With Sandia Market’s pantry service, we handle all the procurement and stocking of those products, sending you one invoice, making delivering the products that give you an edge with employee engagement quick and easy.

An open layout that results in a wider array of product options
Great looking racks and displays that keep your break area neat and trendy
More delicious and healthy options that exceed your wellness goals
Complimentary refreshments are a benefit Albuquerque employees love
Pantry service employee benefits in Albuquerque

Reward great employees with free food and drinks

Makes staff feel appreciated and improves corporate morale
Choose the variety of products you want, including healthy
We handle all the stocking, sending you a monthly invoice
Customized pantry service items in Albuquerque

Select the perfect mix of indulgent and healthy items

Choose only the products you want to promote in your break room
Enjoy a wider range of options than available in vending machines
Grab fresh and healthy options that are convenient and delicious
Albuquerque healthy pantry service refreshments

A healthier workforce starts with better refreshment

Make it easy for employees to choose nutritious options at work
We offer a wide range of healthy options from snacks to drinks
Delicious better-for-you options that are always trendy and popular
Pantry service convenience in Albuquerque

Enjoy grab and go convenience with food right on site

Eliminate the need to leave the workplace in search of refreshment
Increase productivity by satisfying hunger with quality drinks and snacks
Entice employees to the break area for a social, inspiring culture
Albuquerque pantry service partnerships

Partner with Albuquerque’s best break room refreshment provider -- Sandia Markets

Get high quality product delivered directly to your location
Well-trained employees are dedicated to friendly, fast service
The latest equipment and most popular products geared to your needs

Take your break room to the next level in the war for talent, with pantry service from Sandia Markets at 505.242.0102 or