Shop for grab and go refreshments conveniently in your Buffalo break room.

Explore micro-markets

Unbox the potential of your break area

Offering superior quality micro-market service to customers in the Buffalo area.

  • Well designed fixtures

    The innovative features of each micro-market work with your break room details to offer a unified look.

  • Secured self-checkout kiosk

    Employees can easily, and securely, pay for beverages, food, or snacks at the kiosk using the scanner and touch screen.

  • Fully customizable selections

    Build your micro-market offerings, from a focus on healthy and fresh to a mix of nutritious and indulgent products.

  • Smart inventory technology

    The kiosk is online, constantly relaying sales and product level information to our headquarters for 100% accountability.

  • At-work shopping opportunity

    Fully funded by the employees, the micro-market offers the product variety of a store in your break room.

  • Cameras and locking coolers

    Your safety is important, so we include digital cameras in each market and temperature controlled locking food coolers.

Fresh, locally
made food

Thanks to our in-house commissary, you can have fresh food items in your micro market daily. All items are crafted from top quality ingredients with the utmost attention to food safety in our FDA-approved facility. The chefs create entrees and sides that appeal to Buffalo residents and are sure to draw employees to the break room when they want a quick bite.

Drive up morale in your workplace by upgrading the refreshment solution to a micro-market from A-1 Vending at 716.984.1504 or