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Around the clock, grab and go convenience with hundreds of delicious options.

Explore micro-markets

Revitalize your break room

The self-serve kiosk makes it easy for your Albuquerque employees to shop the on-site micro-market

Micro-market in Albuquerque

Transform the break room in your Albuquerque facility to one that impresses employees and improves morale. Micro-markets are designed with open racks and glass-front coolers that allow for more product choices than are typical with vending machines. Employees can review nutrition labels and pick up products before purchasing. Plus, the self-serve kiosk allows the micro-market to be open 24/7. Employees simply scan their items and pay using their prefered method: cash, credit/debit card, micro-market account, or even mobile.

Hundreds of snacks & beverages

Pleasing break room layout designs

Healthy and fresh food options

Customized product offerings

Secure self-checkout kiosk

Employee preferred over vending

Pleasing variety of fresh food and snacks

Our micro-markets are designed to offer hundreds of today’s popular snacks and freshly made food items

Fresh food from Albuquerque micro-market
Gourmet fresh food

Taste the difference in our fresh food program thanks to gourmet cheeses, premium meats, and artisan breads.

Breakfast from Albuquerque micro-market
Breakfast selections

Start the day off right with a delicious breakfast -- choose from our wide variety of nutrient-packed options.

Albuquerque micro-market healthy snacks
Healthy snack bars

Protein, fiber, energy, all-natural ingredients -- we have a wide range of bars that include all this and more.

Albuquerque salads from micro-market
Healthy salads

Edible works of art, our salads start with crisp greens, fresh vegetables, and a selection of tasty toppers.

Self-serve micro-market kiosks in Albuquerque

Easy, self-serve kiosk

The customer-friendly kiosk and touchscreen ensures a positive and reliable micro-market purchasing experience.

On screen instructions walk micro-market users through the purchase process
The kiosk is secured from the outside, with no external ports at risk for data theft
Employees can pay using cash, credit/debit cards, mobile wallet, or market account
Fast, convenient way to offer refreshment to staff any time of the day or night

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