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Fresh food options that satisfy the biggest Albuquerque appetites

Get local food delivered

Your workplace connection for fresh food

Our micro-market service centers around delicious food options crafted to impress Albuquerque workers

Hungry employees are distracted and often have to leave your Albuquerque location in search of convenient options. Instead of forcing them to choose fast food, offer fresh, quality food entrees on site from Sandia Markets.

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  • Made local & fresh

    We bring you food created at FDA-approved facilities in Albuquerque, which specialize in delicious, quality food.

  • Choose the ideal mix

    Pick and choose food options until your food program has the perfect variety of classic and trendy entrees.

  • Employee appreciated

    Save your staff time and the hassle of looking for healthy and fresh items off site with a food-focused micro-market.

  • Productivity booster

    Satisfy hunger conveniently on-site to drive up the work ethic and overall quality at your Albuquerque location.

Employee prefered food options

Our line of fresh food is tailored to the tastes of Albuquerque residents -- perfect for your break room and better than vending machines

Create a break room that rivals the local deli with food from Sandia Markets at 505.242.0102 or