State of the Art Technology

Sandia Vending

With today's lightning fast pace, Sandi Vending knows its customers need the quickest and most efficient service and support available. By deploying the latest in vending technology – from the machines themselves to the tools the route drivers use – you are assured the best vending experience possible. Sandia Vending represents the finest in modern vending. 


Streamware Technology

Computerized handhelds for each route driver to quickly and accurately capture usage data so we can provide you with detailed reports.

We have another feature you are certain to love. Our Sure Vend technology GUARANTEES product delivery or your money back. We stand behind our products and services, and are confident you will understand why once we put our machines into your office.  

Your employee's work hard and deserve a reward. Let us give them that reward by installing better, more modern vending machines into the Break Rooms.  

For more information about the modern technology involved with building our state of the art vending machines, contact us at 505.242.0102 or!