Offering a Wide Variety of Brand Name Snacks

Sandia Vending

We know what consumers crave – delicious brand name snacks. Whether you are in the mood for cookies, candy, chips, soup, or even select breakfast items, we've got you covered. If your office snack machines aren't packed with the items your employees enjoy, Sandia Vending didn't supply the machines.

Want fresh food and healthy snacks? We will be more than happy to stock the vending machines with these items as well. We understand there are many health conscious individuals that desire a tasty, yet healthy treat. For more information on our healthy snack vending choices click here.

We have ALL of your favorite brand name snacks

Maybe your employees can't live without Dorito's. Or perhaps they're begging you to find a vendor that keeps the M&M's stocked. Whatever they want, we provide. Ask and you shall receive! 

Can't wait until lunchtime and need a quick snack? 

Why not open up a bag of your favorite brand of chips? When you call upon Sandia Vending to take care of your vending needs, you won't have to worry about employees complaining about the machines never having bags of chips that they want.

Is a candy bar the best afternoon snack?

We sure think so! Our assortment of candy bars (i.e. Snickers, Milky Way, etc) are certain to go over well with everyone in the office. We have every brand imaginable!

When you're ready for a better vending experience, contact Sandia Vending. 505.242.0102 is our phone number. Or shoot us an email at We look forward to meeting you!