Vending Your Way

Sandia Vending

Sandi Vending will cater our vending services to meet your specific requests. We offer many unique flexible vending programs for your office satisfaction.

Traditional Vending

Most businesses opt for our traditional vending program. We install modern reliable vending equipment at no charge and your employees pay as they go. We will tailor a delivery schedule the keeps the machines full and if there is ever a need for a maintenance call we will be there instantly to fix it at no charge to your company.  

Self Check out Kiosks. (Avanti Markets)

The latest in break room innovations is a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk system that we call "Avanti Markets." Imagine a mini-convenience store inside your break room, For more information on Avanti Markets click here.

Subsidized Vending

When you subsidize a portion of the vending costs, your Employees pay less. What better way to show your appreciation for their hard work? It's a win-win proposition. They get cheaper snacks, and you get happy Employees.

Free Vending

If you're really feeling generous, you can cover the entire cost of the products your Employees purchase. That means free vending for them. You will receive a monthly invoice with a list of all products purchased. Using Streamware technology, youwill be able to easily track all expenses.

Give us a call today to learn more about our flexible vending services at 505.242.0102 or by email at A sales rep will contact you to discuss different options and submit a proposal to you based on your specific needs.