Healthy Vending Albuquerque

We Promote Healthy Diets with our balanced wellness programs.

We all love a little junk food from time to time, but there needs to be a mix of healthy foods in our diets. Chances are you have many employees that have approached you about including healthier items in the vending machines. Sandia Vending has an abundance of healthy items that also taste great and we look forward to working with you to develop a comprehensive wellness program for your company.

Sandia Vending will implement a Balanced for Life "Fit Pick" 35-10-35 program at your location. This program assists your employees when making good for you snack choices. Items in machines that meet the following requirements will be identified with a "Fit Pick" sticker. For more information on Balanced for Life work place programs, visit

Choose from a variety of the following snacks that have reduced levels of fat, cholesterol, and sodium: 

We fully understand the importance of eating healthy, and guarantee your office will have plenty of low calorie snack and drink selections. All healthy items in our vending machines are specifically marked to easily locate. 

Vending machines shouldn't be filled with nothing but junk food. Sandia Vending has a more complete assortment of snacks than your average vending company. Call us today at 505.242.0102 or email us at ( and ask about our healthy food selections!