Avanti Markets

Sandia Vending

The latest in break room innovations is a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk system that we call "Avanti Markets." Imagine a mini-convenience store inside your break room, filled with hundreds of product selections. You simply walk in, pick the desired items you want to buy from the racks, baskets, and coolers, and use the kiosk to scan and pay for them!

The kiosk accepts a wide variety of payment options:

In contrast to vending machines, this approach gives you so many more choices in the number and sizes of selections. You're no longer constrained to what fits in a vending machine. This means healthier choices, sundry items, fresh fruit, and even larger take-home items like milk and bread, thereby saving a trip to the grocery store! 

Exactly what you have in your store is up to you. We work together to customize the choices and configuration based upon the space available and other preferences. 

Sandia Vending will provide modern, efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, a kiosk, and a complete 24-hour security system. It is recommended you place your Avanti Market in a "closed location," like a room with access via a single door. 

The security system works in sync with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, theft in controlled environments has been found to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate to users that there is video surveillance, which discourages shrinkage. 


Other Highlights:

  • Web-based inventory management system makes adding products and evaluating inventory quick and easy
  • Fully-automated inventory ensures freshness and that subsidies are easily regulated and customizable
  • Customers get to touch the products and view nutritional information before making their purchase
  • Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks and lunch, as well as extended breaks for employees
  • No loss of money or refund hassles
  • Virtually no service calls